Part One: Saul Alinsky: Spiritual Mentor of the Left

Chapter One: Who Was Saul Alinsky?
Chapter Two: Why Alinsky Matters
Chapter Three: Alinsky in His Own Words

Part Two: Rules

Chapter Four: Thirteen Rules for Radicals
Chapter Five: Seven Techniques of Propaganda
Chapter Six: Ridicule: Man’s Most Potent Weapon
Chapter Seven: We’re Good and You’re Evil
Chapter Eight: Manufacturing Dissent
Chapter Nine: Justifying Means

Part Three: Rules in Operation

Chapter Ten: Shouting Racism in a Crowded Theater
Chapter Eleven: Feminism and the Politics of Rape
Chapter Twelve: Homophobia: Fighting Stigma with Stigma
Chapter Thirteen: Anti-Immigrant: Conflation Nation
Chapter Fourteen: Inequality and the Politics of Class Warfare
Chapter Fifteen: Crosshairs: The Politics of Incivility
Chapter Sixteen: Indoctrination Nation

Part Four: Fighting Back

Chapter Seventeen: Truths You Cannot Tell (But Must)
Chapter Eighteen: Alinsky Revisionism
Chapter Nineteen: To Quoque
Chapter Twenty: Rules for Counter Radicals

Final Thoughts


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